Switching Cost Accounting Off

If you do not wish to operate cost accounting, perhaps because the extra work required in ensuring the Nominal Ledger stock valuation always agrees with the stock list valuation will not be of benefit, follow these steps:
  1. In the Sub Systems setting in the Nominal Ledger, ensure that Deliveries, Goods Receipts, Work Sheets, Returned Goods and Returned Goods to Supplier records will not generate Nominal Ledger Transactions by switching off these options. Do not switch off the Invoices option because doing so will prevent posting to the Sales, VAT and Debtor Accounts as well.

  2. In the Cost Accounting setting in the Stock module, ensure that the Primary Cost Model option is set to None.

  3. On the 'Cost Model' card of each Item and Item Group, ensure that the selected Cost Model is either Default or None. You have already set the Default Cost Mode