Barcode, EU Code and Item Code

This function enables you to copy the Item Number (Item Code) of each Item to the Barcode and to swap the Barcode with the Commodity/EAN Code (EU Code).

Selecting the function brings up the following dialogue box:

Paste Special    Item register
Range Reporting    Alpha
Enter an Item Number or range of Item Numbers to specify the Items to which the function is to be applied. Leave the field blank if all Items are to be affected.

Item Group
Paste Special    Item Group register, Sales Ledger
Specify an Item Group here to apply the function to all Items in that Group.

Only Items With Blank Barcode
Check this box if the function is to ignore Items that already have Barcodes.

The function can operate in one of two ways. Specify here which alternative is to be used.
Copy Item Code to Barcode
This option will copy the Item Number (Item Code) to the Barcode.

Swap Barcode with EU Code
This option will copy the Barcode to the EAN Code (EU Code) and what was the EAN Code will be moved to the Barcode.
Click [Run] to run the function. It may take a few moments, depending on the number of Items. When it has finished, you will be returned to the 'Maintenance' list window.