Operations Menu - Order

To convert a Quotation into an Order, select 'Order' from the Operations menu. You can do this from the 'Quotations: Browse' window (highlight a single Quotation in the list before selecting the function) or from the 'Quotation: New' or 'Quotation: Inspect' windows (you must save all changes to the Quotation using the [Save] button before you can create the Order).

A new record will be created in the Order register (in the Sales Orders module). It will be opened in a new window entitled 'Order: Inspect'. This means that it has been created and saved and is being opened for amendment and approval.

Virtually all the information entered for the Quotation is transferred to the appropriate fields of the Order, reducing the typing load and minimising the risk of error. Any information entered to the Quotation Class field will be transferred to the Order Class field if you are using the Transfer Quotation Class to Order option in the Order Settings setting (Sales Orders module). The Planned Delivery field of the Order can have its value determined by the Planned Delivery field of the Quotation or, if this is blank, by the Days to Delivery field on the 'Del' card of the Quotation. The former alternative will be used when it is necessary to schedule delivery for a fixed date, while the latter will be used