POS Button Types - Loyalty Cards

This page describes the following POS Button Types in POS Invoices:
  • Loyalty Card
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Note that if a till or cash machine has a live-sync connection to the server, you cannot use Loyalty Cards on that till when it is not connected to the server

Loyalty Card

Adds the Customer's Loyalty Card to the POS Invoice, so that points can be added to the Card account.

  1. Click or touch the "Loyalty Card" button.

  2. The 'Loyalty Card' window appears:

  3. Scan the Loyalty Card or enter its number using the keypad.

  4. Click or touch [Proceed] to add the Loyalty Card to the Invoice or [Cancel] to return to the POS Invoice without adding it.

  5. The Customer in the POS Invoice will change to the cardholder of the Loyalty Card.

If you use the "Customer Search" button to change the Customer in a POS Invoice and the new Customer has a Loyalty Card, that Loyalty Card will be added to the POS Invoice automatically.

Please refer here for more details about Loyalty Cards.

Equivalent POS Command
Loyalty Card No.

Loyalty Points Payment

Use the "Loyalty Points Payment" button when you need to receive Loyalty Card points in payment for a POS Invoice. Please refer to the page describing POS Button Types connected with payment for full details.


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