Entering a Contact - Contact Card

Inv. Address
Used as default in    Sales and Purchase Orders, Sales Invoices
Enter here the address to which Sales Invoices, statements, Purchase Orders and Payments are to be sent.

If you want to give a name to each of the individual address lines, use the 'Address' card of the User Defined Fields - Contacts setting in the CRM module. This can be useful if, for example, you want to indicate that the town is always to be typed into the third line of the address. This has been done in the illustration above.

Sort Key
This field can be used in countries where a post code, zip code or other area code appears on a separate line in an address. If you want this information to be printed on your Picking Lists and Delivery Notes, include the "Sorting" field in your Form design.

You can also use this field to organise your Customers into zones to provide a guide for delivery drivers. The Sort Key is copied to the Sorting field of the Sales Order record. The Sorted Order List report in the Sales Order module is a list in Sort Key order of Sales Orders with a particular Planned Delivery Date.

You can record the name of a Department here. This might be necessary if you are dealing with several Departments in the same company.

Alternatively, if your company has several departments, you can specify the one responsible for relations with this company here.

You can sort the Customer List report by Department.

Telephone, Fax, Mobile, E-mail, Skype Name, SIP
Enter the Contact's main telephone, mobile and fax numbers, email and SIP addresses and Skype name here.

If you are using the HansaWorld Enterprise Fax Server, the fax number will be used when faxing documents to this Contact.

You can use the 'Update Fax Numbers' Maintenance function in the System module to remove spaces and dashes from all Contacts' Fax Numbers. This will be necessary if you will be sending faxes through the fax server, in which case fax numbers should not contain non-numeric characters.

The email address will be used when you need to send Mails to the company, and when you need to send Customer Letters by email.

If you need to call the Contact, click the [Communicate] button in the Button Bar:

The following window opens, containing the Contact's contact details:

Subject to your computer or network having the suitable connection software and hardware, click on a contact method in the list on the left, and then click the appropriate button on the right.
If you click this button and the Skype application is running, the Contact will be called using Skype or SkypeOut (if you clicked on a telephone number as the contact method). If the call is answered, a new Activity window will be opened, allowing you to record the details of the conversation immediately. When the call ends, click the [End Activity] button in the Activity: this will bring an End Time and Cost (Time) in to the Activity and will also save the Activity. If you prefer to chat using Skype instead of initiating a voice call, click the Skype Name in the left-hand list and then click the [Chat] button.

Click this button to open a new Mail record containing the Contact's email address, allowing you to send an email to the Contact. If you are using Windows and have checked the Use External Mail Software box in the Mail and Conference Settings setting in the E-mail and Conferences module, the new Mail will not be opened in HansaWorld Enterprise but instead in your default mail application.

[Text SMS]
Click this button to open a new Text SMS record containing the Contact's mobile number, allowing you to send a text message to the Contact. To use this chargeable internet service, you must have registered your database using the Automatic Internet Enabler method, as described on the 'Enabler Key' page. The Contact's mobile number must be an international number including country code, with + not 00 as the prefix, as shown in the illustration.
Web Site
If the Contact has a website, enter its address (URL) here.

Primary Contact
Paste Special    Contact Persons in Contact register
Used as default in    Quotations, Sales Orders, Sales Invoices
You can enter the name of your main contact person here: it will be transferred as a default entry whenever you use this Contact record in a transaction. If you need to add more contact names, use the 'Create Contact' function on the Operations menu. The 'Paste Special' list will only contain Contact Persons that work for the Customer or Supplier. Please refer to the Linking Contacts and Companies page for more details.

Paste Special    Contact Classifications setting, CRM module
This field provides a further means of grouping Contacts of a similar type together. You can use it as a reporting and mailing criterion in the CRM module and in the Sales Ledger. You can assign several Classifications to each Contact record, separated by commas.

The 'Add Class to Customers' Maintenance function in the CRM module allows you to assign Classifications to Customers based on the Items they have bought or not bought.
At the bottom of the 'Contact' card, there is a grid. If the Contact is a Customer or Supplier, this grid will list the Contact Persons working for them. Please refer to the Linking Contact Persons and Companies - the Customer Relations Register page for full details.