Revaluate Asset Acquisition Value

This function together with the Revaluation Factors and Revaluation Run Lists settings allows you to create records in the Revaluation register for several Assets at once. It is specifically designed for use in countries where Assets are revalued periodically on state authorisation (usually because of inflation), but can also be used in more general circumstances when it is necessary to revalue several Assets at one stroke.

When you revalue an Asset using this function, a record is created in the Revaluation register. The Starting Value in this record will be used as the basis for calculating depreciation from the Revaluation Starting Date, in place of the Asset's Purchase Value.

Follow these steps:

  1. Use the Revaluation Factors setting to define the formulae to be used in calculating the new value of each Asset.

  2. If necessary, enter a record in the Inflation Coefficients setting. This will be used in Russia to revalue Assets by different percentages depending on when they were purchased.

  3. Use the Revaluation Run Lists setting to specify the Assets that are to be revalued.

  4. Use the 'Revaluate Asset Acquisition Value' Maintenance function to create the appropriate records in the Revaluation register.
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