Introduction to the Work Sheet Transaction Register

The Work Sheet Transaction register is the mechanism by which Invoices are created for labour and parts. All records in this register are created when records in the Work Sheet register are approved. One record is created for each row in the originating Work Sheet. Work Sheet Transactions will also be created when Activities belonging to an appropriate Activity Class (i.e. one whose Create Work Sheet Transaction box is checked) are marked as Done. You can change some of the fields in a Work Sheet Transaction record, but you cannot delete such records, or add them manually.

The Operations menu of the Service Order has a 'Create Invoice' function. This function searches for uninvoiced Work Sheet Transactions applicable to the current Service Order and creates an unapproved Invoice from them.

If you credit an Invoice created from a Work Sheet Transaction, it may be necessary to raise a new Invoice. This will be done the next time you run the 'Create Invoice' function is run, if you have removed the Invoice Number from the Work Sheet Transaction record. Be very careful with this feature, since it is possible to duplicate Invoices!

Note that Work Sheet Transactions are always created, even for work carried out that is under warranty or contract. This allows detailed analysis on such work to be included in reports. The 'Create Invoice' function will ignore these Transactions.