Entering an Activity - Resources Card

This page describes the fields on the 'Resources' card of the Activity record. Please follow the links below for descriptions of the other cards:

Paste Special    Resource register, Resource Planning module
If you are entering an Activity that is concerned with a Resource or Room, enter that Resource or Room here. For example, you can use an Activity to book the cleaning staff to clean a Room, in which case enter the Resource that represents the Room in this field. You can enter several Resources in this field, separated by commas.

Note for clarity: Resources and Rooms are stored in the same register. In the Resources module, this register is named "Resources", while in the Hotel module it is named "Rooms".

In the Hotel module, you can use the 'Nightly Maintenance' Maintenance function to create Activities that instruct the cleaning staff to clean each Room. In these Activities, the Activity Type and Result will be taken from the Housekeeping setting, and the Resource field will contain the Room number. As the Result field is already filled in, a cleaner only needs to mark an Activity as Done and save. If you have entered a suitable Activity Consequence record, the Status of the Resource representing the Room will then be set to "Clean" automatically. Please refer here for details about configuring the 'Nightly Maintenance' function and here for details about running the function and monitoring and managing the resulting cleaning Activities.

Asset No.
Paste Special    Asset register, Assets module
If you are entering an Activity that is concerned with an Asset, specify that Asset here. For example, you can create an Activity to reserve an Asset for future use.

If you have the Resource Planning module, you can use it to administer the use of Assets. Select the Activities per Assets option in the Resource Planner setting, and assign every Asset that can be reserved to an Asset Display Group (using the Asset Display Groups setting in the Assets module). Calendar Activities (in which the Calendar Type is Time) that reserve Assets will then be displayed in the Resource Planner. If a member of staff needs to use an Asset, they will be able to check that Asset in the Resource Planner to see if it is available.

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