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This page describes the 'Send email' function on the Operations menu in the Customer Letter record window. If you are using iOS or Android, the 'Send email' function is on the Tools menu (with 'wrench' icon).


The 'Send email' function allows you to send the Customer Letter to all recipients by email.

To create emails from a Customer Letter, first open the Customer Letter in a record window and then select 'Send email' from the Operations menu (Windows/Mac OS X) or Tools menu (with 'wrench' icon, iOS/Android).

The Header in the Customer Letter will be used as the Subject in the emails. The Greeting and the Signature in the Customer Letter will be added to the end of its Text to form the main text in the emails. The recipient email address will be taken from the 'Address' card in the Customer Letter (if the Customer field on the 'Customer Selection' card contains a single Customer or Supplier and if the Customer Main email box is not ticked) or from the relevant records in the Contact register (otherwise). Each email address will be checked to see if it is valid (i.e. contains the @ character) before an email is sent to it. The return address (sender's address) will be taken from the Reply To (Email) field on the 'Header' card of the Customer Letter record, from the current user's Person record or from the User Address field in the Email SMTP Server setting. Because both the sender and recipient will be email addresses, the emails will not appear in anyone's Mailbox, but they will be visible in the Email Queue in the Technics module.

To use this function, you must have saved the Customer Letter (there is no need to mark it as OK), and you must have configured the Gateway and the Email SMTP Server setting. Please refer here for full details about the mailing facilities in Standard ERP.


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