Birthday List

You can use this report in the CRM module to list all Contact Persons sharing a birthday. The report is compiled from information in the Birthday field on the 'Guest' card of the Contact record for each Contact Person record. As well as the birthday of each Contact Person, the report shows their Name, Title, Address, Telephone, Fax and Mobile Numbers, Email Address, Department and Customer Number and Name. Email Addresses will not be printed if you are using the Exclude All Contact E-mails from Reports option in the Mail and Conference Settings setting in the E-mail and Conferences module.

When printed to screen, this report has the HansaWorld Enterprise Drill-down feature. Click on any Customer Number to open the Contact record for an individual Customer, and on a Contact Name to open the Contact record for a Contact Person. Each Contact Person in the report also has a [Create Reminder in Day Planner] text button. Click this text to create an Activity to remind you to call or mail the Contact Person on their birthday. The new Activity will be created but not opened. The Task Type of the new Activity will be Timed To Do, the Person will be the current user and the Activity Date will be the Contact Person's birthday. The Activity will appear in the right-hand panel of the current user's Day Planner on the appropriate day.

Paste Special    Reporting Periods setting, System module
The report will list all Contact Persons whose birthday falls in the period specified here. For example, if the period is 1/6/2006:30/6/2006, the report will list all Contact Persons whose birthday is in June. The year is not used.

If you want to produce a report for a single day, simply enter the date once. HansaWorld Enterprise will then convert it to period format by inserting a colon and repeating the date.

Customer Category
Paste Special    Customer Categories setting, Sales Ledger
Enter a Customer Category to show Contact Persons belonging to Contacts with that Category.

Paste Special    Customers in Contact register
Range Reporting    Alpha
Enter a Customer Number to list the Contact Persons that work for that Customer with birthdays in the specified period.

Show Closed
Check this box if you would like Closed and Invalid Contact Persons to be included in the report. A Closed Contact Person is one that has been marked as Closed on the 'Terms' card. An Invalid Contact Person is one whose Customer Relations record has been marked as Invalid. A Closed Contact Person is usually Invalid as well.