Entering a Contact - User Defined Card

The 'User Defined' card in the Contact record contains one permanent field (the Address Books field) and can contain up to eleven user-defined fields. Please refer to the description of the 'Values' card in the User Defined Fields - Contacts setting here for details about the user-defined fields on this card.
Address Books
The upper left area of the 'Communication Centre' window displays a list of the records in the Contact register in your current Company. By default, the list will show every record in the Contact register. You can restrict the list so that it only shows your Personal Contacts. To do this, click the button marked 'Company', hold down the mouse, and choose the 'Personal' option:

The button text will change to 'Personal'. Repeat the procedure to change the list back to showing every record. A Personal Contact is one where you are the Salesman, or one with your Signature in this Address Books field. The Address Books field can contain the Signatures of more than one Person separated by commas, so a Contact can be the Personal Contact of more than one Person.

The Contact register in Standard ERP:

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