Entering a Contact

To enter a new record in the Contact register, open the 'Contacts: Browse' window as described above and select 'New' from the Create menu (Windows/Mac OS X) or from the + menu (iOS/Android). You can also use the Ctrl-N (Windows) or ⌘-N (Mac OS X) keyboard shortcut. Alternatively, highlight a record similar to the one you want to enter and select 'Duplicate' from the same menu. If you don't want to open the 'Contacts: Browse' window before creating a new record, you can also use the + menu in the Navigation Centre (all platforms).

In most countries, the 'Contact: New' window will open, empty if you selected 'New' or containing a duplicate of the highlighted record. Complete the Contact record as appropriate and as described on the pages linked below, then save it by clicking the [Save] button (Windows/Mac OS X) or by tapping √ (iOS/Android) and close the window by clicking the close box or by tapping <. Then, close the browse window using the close box or < again.

If your database is registered in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania or the UK and you selected 'New', a 'New Contact' window will open on top of the 'Contact: New' window:

In Estonia, Latvia or Lithuania, if you are entering a Customer or Supplier, enter their Company Registration Number. If you are in the UK, enter the postcode (with or without space). Then, click or tap the [Address Lookup] button. In the UK, a list of premises will then be opened, where you can select the correct building number, building name or company name. The company name and full address will be obtained from a central database and copied into the 'Contact: New' window. Address Lookup is a chargeable Cloud Service. To use it, you must have registered your database in Estonia, Latvia or the UK using the Automatic Internet Enabler method, as described on the Enabler Key page. If your database is registered in one of these countries and you do not want the 'New Contact' window to open (i.e. you want to go straight to an empty 'Contact: New' window), select the Don't use Address Lookup when creating new Contacts option in the Contact Settings setting in the Sales Ledger or CRM module. You will still be able to access the central registration number or postcode databases using the [Update Address] button.

Since the amount of information stored about each Contact will not fit in a single window, the Contact screen has been divided into twelve cards (if you have access to the BI module, there will be thirteen cards)). At the top of each is the header. This contains the Contact Number, Short Code, Customer and Supplier Categories, Name and the check boxes that indicate the type of Contact. There are twelve (or thirteen) named buttons ('tabs') in the header.

By clicking the tabs you can navigate between cards. The header is always visible, as a reminder of the Contact you are working with.

If you are using iOS or Android, the cards will be arranged vertically on screen. You can scroll down to see each one, or you can jump to any card by tapping on any tab and selecting the tab you want to go to.

Entering information in the Contact register often requires you to refer to settings in the Sales Ledger or other modules using the 'Paste Special' feature. Where use of 'Paste Special' is appropriate, this is indicated in the text together with the module in which the setting is to be found. Please click on the links for full details about a particular setting.


The Contact register in Standard ERP:

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