Account Usage Stock

You should use the Account Usage Stock setting to choose the Accounts that will be used as defaults in your stock transactions. These defaults will be used in the absence of Accounts being specified elsewhere (for example, for the Items or Item Groups used in the transactions). Take care to ensure that the Accounts that you specify here exist in the Account register, otherwise Standard ERP will not be able to create transactions.

If you have imported the sample Chart of Accounts supplied with Standard ERP, you will find that some of the fields in the Account Usage Stock setting contain suggested values. If you have modified this Chart of Accounts or have used your own, you must ensure that you replace these values with the correct Accounts.

To open the Account Usage Stock setting, first ensure you are in the Stock module. Then, if you are using Windows or Mac OS X, click the [Settings] button in the Navigation Centre and then double-click 'Account Usage Stock' in the 'Settings' list. If you are using iOS or Android, select 'Settings' from the Tools menu (with 'wrench' icon) and tap 'Account Usage Stock' in the 'Settings' list. Fill in the fields as described below. Then, to save changes and close the window, click the [Save] button (Windows/Mac OS X) or tap √ (iOS/Android). To close the window without saving changes, click the close box (Windows/Mac OS X) or tap < (iOS/Android).

The Account Usage Stock setting is spread over three cards. To view specific cards, click or tap one of the three named tabs:

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