Consolidation - The 'Consolidation' Maintenance Function

This page describes the 'Consolidation' Maintenance function in the Consolidation module.


The 'Consolidation' Export function described here produces a text file containing Transaction information from a Daughter Company that you can then import into a Mother Company. The Mother Company does not have to be in the same database as the Daughter. If they are in the same database, you can reduce the two steps (exporting and importing) into one by using the 'Consolidation' Maintenance function instead.

As described here, the philosophy of the Consolidation module is that information in Daughter Companies can be made available to certain reports in the Mother Company without the need physically to transfer any Daughter Company information to the Mother Company. This makes it very easy to produce consolidated reports, and removes the risk of error inherent in copying information from one Company to another. The 'Consolidation' Maintenance function does physically transfer Daughter Company information to the Mother Company, in the interest of faster reporting. However, its use will require careful management as any changes made in a Daughter after information has been transferred will cause the Mother to be out-of-date. There is also nothing to prevent the Maintenance function being run more than once for a particular period.

To run the Maintenance function from a Daughter company, ensure you are in the Consolidation module and click (Windows/macOS) or tap (iOS/Android) the [Routines] button in the Navigation Centre. Then click or tap the [Maintenance] button in the subsequent window. Double-click or tap 'Consolidation' in the resulting list. The following specification window opens:

This is identical to the 'Specify Consolidation Export' window described here with one exception: the To Company field. Enter here the Company Code of the Mother Company, as entered in the Code field in the Company register. Enter criteria in the other fields as described for the 'Specify Consolidation Export' window and click or tap the [Run] button. A new Simulation or Transaction will be created in the Mother Company containing account balance information copied from the Daughter.


Export functions in the Consolidation module:

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