Debit Invoices

This option behaves in the same manner as the Purchase Invoice document. It is provided to enable you to specify a separate Form to be used when printing Debit Invoices (Purchase Invoice Credit Notes). To do this, highlight 'Debit Invoices' in the 'Documents' list and select 'Define Document' from the Operations menu.

When you open a Purchase Invoice, you can print it by clicking the Printer icon in the Button Bar. If the Purchase Invoice is a Credit Note, it will be printed using the Debit Invoice Form. If you have not assigned a Form to the Debit Invoice document, you will be given the message "Can't find document" when you try to print a Purchase Invoice Credit Note.

When you design the Form to be used by the Debit Invoice document, you can use the same fields that you can use in the Purchase Invoice document. Please refer to the description of that document here for details and a list of fields.


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