Credit Notes - Invalidating Invoices

In some circumstances it can be appropriate to invalidate an Invoice. To do this, simply open the Invoice record and choose 'Invalidate' from the Record menu (which has a 'cog' icon if you are using iOS or Android). This function will remove the Invoice from the Sales Ledger; any associated Nominal Ledger Transaction will be invalidated as well. An invalidated Invoice is easily distinguished because all fields have red lines drawn through them. These red lines are also shown in the 'Invoices: Browse' window.

The function is designed for use in situations where Invoice Numbers are pre-determined (perhaps through being printed on Invoice stationery) and where it is not desirable to raise a Credit Note. It is not recommended for use where it is intended that the cancelling of an Invoice should have implications for the stock system. In these circumstances, you should either raise a Credit Note and tick the Update Stock box on the 'Del. Terms' card (if the Invoice was one that updated stock), or receive the Items back into stock by creating a Returned Goods record from the Delivery and then raise a Credit Note (if the Invoice was created from an Order or Delivery). In practice, you will only be able to invalidate an Invoice that updated stock and that contains at least one Stocked Item if that Invoice is still the latest record that updated stock (i.e. if there are no later stock transactions of any kind). Please refer here for more details about bringing goods back into stock using Returned Goods records and Credit Notes.

You cannot invalidate an Invoice if it has been paid, if it has not been marked as OK or if its Invoice Date is earlier than the Lock Sales Invoices date specified in the Locking setting in the System module.

You can use Access Groups to prevent certain users from invalidating Invoices. To do this, deny them access to the 'Invalidate Sales Invoices' or the 'Invalidate Purchase and Sales Invoices' Actions.

Invalidating an Invoice will change its Approval Status (shown on the 'Inv. Address' card) to "Rejected". This will mean that you can only print an invalidated Invoice by opening it and clicking the Printer icon (Windows/Mac OS X) or selecting 'Print' from the File menu (all platforms). You cannot print an invalidated Invoice from the 'Invoices: Browse' window or using the 'Forms' routine.


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