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This page describes the 'Debit Note' function on the Create menu in the Invoice record window. If you are using iOS or Android, the 'Debit Note' function is on the + menu.


The 'Debit Note' function is designed for use in Argentina, where a Debit Note is an Invoice that a company can issue when it needs to charge a Customer for costs such as finance costs for bounced cheques and charges for freight if they should be paid by the Customer. Usually a Debit Note will be related to a previous Invoice. A company can also issue a Debit Note if the prices in the previous Invoice were lower than they should have been.

Before using this function, you should first create a Payment Term in which the Type is "Manual Interest Invoice".

To create a Debit Note from an Invoice, first open the Invoice in a record window and then select 'Debit Note' from the Create menu (Windows/Mac OS X) or + menu (iOS/Android). A new Debit Note will be created and opened in a window entitled 'Invoice Inspect'. This means that it has already been saved and is being opened for checking.

The Debit Note will be a duplicate of the original Invoice, with these exceptions:
  • A new row containing the phrase "Debit of Invoice" will have been inserted as the first row of the grid on the 'Items' card, pushing any existing rows down. The field to the right of this phrase will contain the Number of the original Invoice.

  • The Payment Term will be the first record alphabetically with the Type "Manual Interest Invoice" in the Payment Terms setting.

  • If you have specified in the Number Series Defaults setting in the System Module that Interest Invoices will use a different Number Series to standard Invoices, the Invoice Number will be taken from that Number Series. Otherwise it will be taken from the first valid number sequence in the Number Series - Invoices setting as normal.
Add or remove rows from the Debit Note as appropriate. Note that if the Update Stockbox was ticked in the original Invoice, it will also be ticked in the Debit Note. Be sure to untick it if there are any Stocked Items in the Debit Note if you do not want stock to be updated.

Tick the OK check box when you are sure the Debit Note is correct and save it. As with ordinary Invoices, this will cause the Sales Ledger to be updated and, if so defined in the Sub Systems setting in the Nominal Ledger and in the Number Series - Invoices setting, a Nominal Ledger Transaction to be created.

As a Debit Note has a "Manual Interest Invoice" Payment Term, it will be printed using the Interest Invoice Form Template instead of the standard Invoice Form Template. Please refer to the Printing Invoices page for more details.

If the function does not create a Debit Note when expected, the probable reasons are that the original Invoice has not yet been marked as OK or it has been invalidated.


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