Entering a Person Record - Ser Nos Card

Hansa allows the definition of several Number Series (number sequences) for use in generating Order Numbers, Invoice Numbers, Transaction Numbers and so on.

If you have several number sequences in each Number Series setting, you can specify here which one is to be used when this Person creates new records in each register. Select a valid Number Series, as defined using the settings in each module. If a Number Series is chosen that is not valid, all new records in the affected register will not be given serial numbers when they are created by this Person. The implications of this are quite far reaching: for example, Invoices will not be created by any of the remote Invoice creation functions (e.g. from Sales Orders). This situation will be most common in cases where Number Series are tied to a period such as a calendar year and that period ends.

It is not necessary to assign a Number Series to every field on this screen. A Person may have his own number range for Invoices, for example, but be using default numbers for all other events. This default will be taken from the Number Series Defaults setting in the System module or, if nothing is specified there, from the first Number Series defined for the current period.

Using the Our Ref field, you can assign a short (up to 20 characters) reference text for the individual. This text will appear in the Reference fields of all transactions entered by this Person.

In countries where personal identity cards are carried, the Person's ID number from their card can be entered in the ID field. This can be made to appear on any printed documentation associated with the employee.

Any changes that you make to the 'Ser Nos' card will not take effect until you quit Hansa and restart.