Defining Varieties

There are several settings that you will use when configuring an Item to use Varieties. These are all in the Stock module.

We will illustrate the use of these settings using two examples: shirts that can be sold in different sizes, colours and styles (short- and long-sleeved); and trousers that can be sold with different waist sizes, leg lengths and fit options.

Using the [Switch Module] button in the Navigation Centre, ensure you are in the Stock module and follow these steps:

  1. Use the Item Variety Groups setting to define the types of Variety that you sell. In the example, we need three Item Variety Groups for the shirt (Colour, Size and Style) and three for the trousers (Fit, Leg Length and Waist Size):

  2. In the Item Varieties setting, define all the possible Varieties that you sell. For example, Small, Medium and Large will all be Item Varieties belonging to the "Size" Variety Group, and Short-sleeved and Long-sleeved will be Item Varieties belonging to the "Style" Variety Group: