Entering an Item

The Item register is available in the Sales Orders, Purchase Orders and Sales Ledger modules, and from the Contracts, Production, Quotations, Service Orders and Job Costing modules if installed. It is also available as a setting in the Stock module.
To open the Item register, first use the [Switch Module] button in the Navigation Centre to enter one of the modules mentioned above. Then, if you are using Windows or Mac OS X, click the [Registers] button, also in the Navigation Centre and double-click 'Items' in the subsequent list. If you are using iOS or Android, tap the [Registers] button in the Navigation Centre and then tap 'Items' in the 'Registers' list.

The 'Items: Browse' window will be opened, showing the Items that you have already entered.

To enter a new Item, select 'New' from the Create menu in the Button Bar(Windows/Mac OS X) or the + menu (iOS/Android). You can also use the Ctrl-N (Windows) or ⌘-N (Mac OS X) keyboard shortcut. Alternatively, highlight an Item similar to the one you want to enter and select 'Duplicate' from the same menu. If you don't want to open the 'Items: Browse' window before creat