Order Classes

The Order Class is a means of analysing Orders for reporting or prioritising. When you enter an Order, you can assign it to an Order Class. This Class will be visible in the 'Orders: Browse' window. It will also be printed in the Order Stock report.

The 'Order Classes: Browse' window lists the available Order Classes: double-click to modify or click [New] to create a new record.

In the 'Order Class: New' window, you should enter following information:
Enter the code for this Order Class here. The code may contain up to five characters.

Enter a short description here which will give more description to the user about this order class

TREO (Tax Remission Export Office) Orders are used in Kenya and Other East African Countries. Further information should be discussed with your local HansaWorld Consultant

You can create Activities from Orders of this Class using the 'Create Activity' function on the Operations menu of the Order screen or they can be automatically created when the Sales Order is Saved. The Task Type of these Activities will be To Do, and the Symbol will be Other. The Start Date will be the Order Date.

Activity from Order
The options Use Salesman From Order, User Salesman: can be used if you want activities to be created automatically.

Activity from Order - Don’t Create Activity
Use this if you do not want any activity to be created automatically.

Activity from Order - User Salesman From Order
Use this option if you want the Activity to be created in the name of the Salesman from the Order

Activity from Order - User Salesman From Order
User this option if you want that the activity created for this specific order class should have one specific Salesman. Enter their initial in t