POS Button Types - Customer Functions

This page describes the following POS Button Types in POS Invoices:
  • Change Address

  • Customer Search

  • Open Customer Record
Please refer here for an index of all POS Button Types.


Change Address

Allows a cashier to change the Invoice Address in a POS Invoice.

Can only be used on tills and cash machines that have keyboards.

  1. Click or touch the "Change Address“ button.

  2. The 'Change Address' window appears:

  3. Enter the new address details.

  4. Click or touch the [Proceed] button to add the new address to the POS Invoice, or the [Cancel] button to return to the POS Invoice without changing the address.

    If you need to change the address to one that is already in the Contact register, click or touch the [Search for Customers] button. Then proceed as described immediately below for the "Customer Search" button. Note that the [Search for Customers] button will only copy an address to a POS Invoice, it won't change the Customer in the POS Invoice. If you need to do this, use the "Customer Search" button.

You cannot change the address in a POS Invoice after clicking or touching the "Finish” button.

The address will not be vis