Operations Menu - Form Template - Row Styles

This page describes the 'Row Styles' function on the Operations menu in the Form Template record window.


In some records (Opportunities, Project Budgets, Quotations, Sales Orders, Sales Invoices and Stock Movement Invoices), the matrix can contain rows of different types. Examples are the rows containing the Items, "Header" rows, "Subtotal" rows, rows connecting Invoices to Prepayments, and rows in Credit Notes connecting them to Invoices.

When you design the Form Templates that will be used to print these records, you can specify that the rows of various types will be printed with different Styles and Line Heights. For example, you may want "Subtotal" rows to be printed in a larger font and with a larger line spacing.

To set the Styles and Line Heights for the different row types, select the 'Row Styles' function from the Operations menu. If you use this feature, you should still set Line