Using the Task Manager - Filter Card

This page describes the 'Filter' card in the Task Manager window. The 'Filter' card is only available if you are using Windows or Mac OS X. It is not available if you are using iOS or Android. Please follow the links below for descriptions of the other parts of the Task Manager window:

By default, an Activity will be listed in the Task Manager if its Task Type is To Do, if it has not been marked as Done and if its Start Date is on or before the current date. Use the 'Filter' tab (in combination with the fields in the header) if you would like to change these settings.
Use these options to list Activities with different Symbols.

Task Type
Use these options to list Activities with different Task Types.

Incl. Done
Choose one of these options if you would like Done Activities to be listed (in addition to those that are not Done). The Done Activities will be marked with a tick in the Done column. You can choose to include all Done Activities, or those whose Start Dates are in the past month or year.

By default, the Task Manager lists the Activities entered for the Person whose Signature appears in the header (i.e. Activities with this Signature in their Persons fields). Use these options to change this to the Activities with this Signature in their Cc fields, or in both their Persons and Cc fields.

Exclude Subtasks
You can connect subsidiary Activities ("Sub Tasks") to an Activity (the "Main Task"). For example, you might create a Main Task to represent a project, and then add Sub Tasks that represent the individual jobs that need to be carried out to complete the project.

Use this option to specify whether Sub Tasks should be included in the Task Manager.

Please refer to the description of the 'Sub' card in the Activity record here for more details about Main Tasks and Sub Tasks.

The Task Manager in Standard ERP:

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