Using the Task Manager - Header

This page describes the header of the Task Manager window. The header is only available if you are using Windows or Mac OS X. It is not available if you are using iOS or Android. Please follow the links below for descriptions of the other parts of the Task Manager window:

Person, Type, Customer, Priority, Period, Project, Class
If the list of Activities is a long one, you can use these fields in any combination to reduce the number of Activities that are shown. For example, to list sales calls, enter the appropriate Activity Type in the Type field and press Tab or Return. To further reduce the list to show top priority sales calls, enter the appropriate Priority Code in the Priority field and press Tab or Return once more.

Private Activities will be included in the list. It is not possible to hide Private To Do Activities altogether, but you can use the Task Manager Access setting to prevent other users from reading your Private Activities from the Task Manager window.

You can use 'Paste Special' from the Person, Type, Customer, Period, Project and Class fields to ensure the correct entry.

The Task Manager in Standard ERP:

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