Customer Status

This report in the Sales Ledger and the CRM module shows the paid and unpaid Invoices for each Customer in the selection. The age of due Invoices is shown together with their Reminder Levels as are Receipts and total turnover and amount due figures.

The Customer Status report has the HansaWorld Enterprise Drill-down feature. Click on the Invoice Number of any Invoice in the report to open that Invoice record, or on a Customer Number to open the Contact record for an individual Customer. The report also contains a [New Activity] text button that you can click to create an empty new Activity.

Leave all the fields blank if the report is to cover all the Customers in the Contact register. If you need to restrict the coverage of the report, use the fields as described below.
Paste Special    Customers in Contact register
Range Reporting    Alpha
Use this field to limit the report to a single Customer, or range of Customers.

Paste Special    Customer Categories setting, Sales Ledger
To restrict the report to Customers of a single Category, enter a Category Code here.

Customers with Balance Only
Switch this option on to exclude Customers with no unpaid Invoices. Customers with unpaid Invoices that are not yet due for payment will not be excluded.

Use these options to limit the report to include only the last five paid Invoices (the default), or to start the report from a specific date.