Order Journal

This report gives you information about registered Orders in the system.

When printed to screen, the Sales Order Journal has the HansaWorld Enterprise Drill-down feature. Click on any Order Number to open an individual Order record.

Order No
Range Reporting    Numeric
Use this field to limit the report to a single Order, or range of Orders.

Paste Special    Reporting Periods setting, System module
Enter the start and end dates of the reporting period, separated by a colon (:).

Paste Special    Customers in Customer register
To limit the report to Orders from a single Customer, enter a Customer Number here.

Paste Special    Person register, System module
To limit the report to Orders generated by a single Salesman, enter their initials here.

Sales Group
Paste Special    Sales Groups setting, System module
To list Orders with a particular Sales Group (shown on the 'Del Terms' card), enter that Sales Group here.

Order Class
Paste Special    Order Classes setting, Sales Orders module
Enter an Order Class code to limit the report to Orders of a single Class.

Paste Special    Item register
Use this field to limit the report to Orders containing a particular Item. The figures shown in the report will be for the whole Order, not just for the specified Item.

Paste Special    Locations setting, Stock module
To produce a report for one stock Location, enter its Location Code here. This refers to the Location entered at Order level, not those in the Order rows (flip F).

Show Reserved Orders only
Check this box if you would like the report only to list Orders marked as Reserved using the check box in the header of the Order screen.

Use these options to specify the level of detail in the report.
The default setting for this report is Overview, which results in a report with the most important order journal data in a table format.

Clicking this button will result in a report with all available data.

Excl VAT
Same as the Overview report, but amounts will be printed net of VAT.
Choose one or more of these check boxes to include Orders of various statuses in the report. You must choose at least one option, otherwise the report will be blank.
Invoiced not delivered
Orders that have been invoiced but not shipped.

Not Invoiced
Orders that have not yet been invoiced.

Part Delivered
Orders that have been partially shipped.

Orders that have been shipped and invoiced in full.

Delivered not invoiced
Orders that have been shipped but not invoiced.
The report can be sorted by Order Number or Customer Number.