Entering a Project - Time & Purchases and Stock & Materials Cards

This page describes the fields on the 'Time & Purchases' and 'Stock & Materials' cards of the Project record. Please follow the links below for descriptions of the other cards:

Use these cards to control the appearance of Project Invoices created for the Project. The default settings of the options on these cards in each new Project will be taken from the Project Settings setting.

Invoice Times, Purchases, Stocked Items, Material
These sets of options allow you to control separately how time, purchases, Stocked Items and materials are to be shown on Invoices for the Project, and also to determine the Tags/Objects that will be included in those Invoices. As a default, in each case the option selected is the equivalent one chosen in the Project Settings setting. Please refer to the page describing that setting for a description of each option.

If you have selected the Separate Inv. Row option in a particular Project Transaction, the option chosen here will be ignored and the Invoice will include a row dedicated to that Project Transaction. The Separate Inv. Row option will be selected by default if you are using the Time Sheets/Activities: Separate Inv. Row option (for Project Transactions created from Time Sheets and Activities) or the Purch. Invs/Expenses: Separate Inv. Row option (for those created from Purchase Invoices and Expense records). These options are located on the 'Invoicing' card.

The Project register in Standard ERP:

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