Contact Numbers

To call a Contact from the 'Business Communicator' window, you should have entered their telephone or mobile number as follows:
  • The only legal characters are numbers, spaces, dashes and the + sign. Do not use full stops or brackets, and do not use alpha characters (e.g. do not place text such as "home" or "work" after telephone numbers.

  • Enter all numbers as international numbers. You can place + or 00 at the beginning of a number, but + is to be preferred as it is the standard method of signifying international numbers and will not change.
International numbers are required to send Text (SMS) messages. SkypeOut calls made from Mac OS X require country codes, but they are not necessary on Windows. The format of telephone numbers required for outgoing calls through Asterisk and TAPI depends on the individual server and gateway. However, as described on the 'Asterisk' page, you should use a consistent format so that incoming calls will be identified correctly.

You can use the List Invalid Phone Numbers report in the CRM module to list telephone and mobile numbers containing illegal characters. If you print the report to screen, you can drill down to each Contact to make the correction.


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