List Window

The list window is used whenever you need to choose from a list of options, usually after you select the 'Imports', 'Settings', 'Maintenance', 'Reports' and 'Forms' functions. Double-click your choice in the list, or click it once with the mouse and then press the Return or Enter key.

You can use the scroll bar to find the item that you want, or you can navigate to and select an option using the keyboard if you so prefer. Type the first few characters of the name of the option you want and then press the Enter or Return key twice to confirm your choice. For example, referring to the example illustrated below and assuming 'Contact List' is the item you want, type "co" and then press the Enter or Return key to highlight 'Contact List'. Press the Enter key again to activate the report. You can also use the arrow keys on your keyboard to help with navigation.

When the list window contains a list of forms, it will also contain an Operations menu allowing you to assign a Form Template to each form (the Form Template contains the design that will be printed). This is described here.

The following example shows the list window from where you can choose a report in the Sales Ledger module.


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