Cash Notes

Every Invoice in Standard ERP will belong to one of five types: Invoice, Cash Note, Credit Note, Interest Invoice or Project Invoice.

One implication of this classification is that Invoices can be printed using different Form Templates, depending on type. You must therefore connect a Form Template to each Invoice type before you can begin printing. It may be that you decide to use the same Form Template for each Invoice type, but if so, you must still explicitly connect the Form Template to each Invoice type separately.

The primary purpose of this option is to allow you to specify the Form Template that will be used when you print Cash Notes. To do this, highlight 'Cash Notes' in the 'Forms' list and select 'Define Form' from the Operations menu. In the subsequent 'Form Definition' window, specify a Form Template using 'Paste Special' if necessary. The 'Form Definition' window is fully described here.

If you have not specified a Form Template for Cash Notes, the message "No form defined. Please check the form definition" will be displayed when you try to print a Cash Note. If you are shown this message when printing a range of Invoices, check the type of the Invoice to see which one is missing its Form Template.

Although you can design different Form Templates for use with Invoices of the different types, the fields that you can use are the same in each case. Please click here for a list of the header fields and here for the row fields.

You can also use this option when you need to print Cash Notes. If you double-click 'Cash Notes' in the 'Forms' list, the 'Specify Cash Notes' window will open:

As the only Invoice Type option that is selected by default is "Cash Note", you can specify a range of Invoice Numbers in the No. field and only the Cash Notes in that range will be printed. You can of course select other options if you need to print Invoices of other kinds. Apart from the default Invoice Type selection, the 'Specify Cash Notes' window is identical to the 'Specify Invoices' window: please refer here for full details.


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