Introduction to the Purchase Item Register

This register contains information about the Items that are normally purchased by your business. It is a separate register to the Item register, allowing each Item to have several different corresponding Purchase Items. For example, if the same Item is available from different Suppliers, you should have a separate Purchase Item for each Supplier, recording the price that each Supplier charges. If you then enter a Purchase Order or Goods Receipt, the correct price for each Item for the Supplier in question will be brought in automatically.

Typically, the Purchase Item register will be used by companies that purchase products for resale as it is a means of recording Supplier and Cost information for each Item. In particular, you must use the Purchase Item register if you will be creating Purchase Orders in batches, either to satisfy outstanding Sales Orders or to ensure stocks of Items are above specified minimum levels. If your business tends to sell services, or manufactures Items for sale, you may not need to use the Purchase Item register.