Entering a Goods Receipt

You can enter Goods Receipts in two ways:
  1. From the 'Goods Receipts: Browse' window, click the [New] button in the Button Bar to open a new Goods Receipt transaction.

  2. Open the Purchase Order against which the Items are being received. The Supplier's delivery note will usually contain your Purchase Order Number, enabling you to find the Purchase Order easily. Select 'Create Goods Receipt' from the Operations menu. A new Goods Receipt transaction is created. The advantage of this method is that the purchase price agreed for the Items for the particular Purchase Order will be transferred to the Goods Receipt: this information will not normally be present on the Supplier's delivery note.

    Note that Goods Receipts created in this way will be presented in a 'Goods Receipt: Inspect' window. This means that the record will already have been created and saved into the register. To delete it you must choose 'Delete' on the Record menu.

    If you have many Purchase Orders, it may be difficult to find unfulfilled Purchase Orders in the 'Purchase Orders: Browse' window. An alternative method is to produce an Purchase Order Stock report. This only lists unfulfilled Purchase Orders, and you can drill down from the report to an individual Purchase Order, from which you can create a Goods Receipt.