Batch Specifications

You can use this setting to administer Best Before dates for perishable goods.

In the case of Items purchased by your company for resale, Batch Specification records can be created automatically from the Goods Receipt register. This will occur if you specify a Best Before date in the Goods Receipt, but only for Items that are Serial Numbered, either at Batch level or at Unit level.

In the case of Items produced or assembled by your company, you should first construct these Items in the Production register (in the Production module), where you can allocated self-generated Serial Numbers to them. Then, you can enter records to this setting manually with appropriate Best Before dates. The Items must have Serial Numbers, because the Serial Number connects a Best Before date to an individual Item or batch of Items.

When the time comes to deliver perishable Items to your Customers, if Batch Specification records have been created using either of the methods described above, when you enter a Serial Number in a Delivery record, the appropriate Best Before date will be brought in automatically. If you want this date to be printed on delivery documentation, include the "Best Before Date" field in your Form design. If you want to prevent the sale of Items that have passed their Best Before date, use the Batch Status and Batch Quality Control settings in the Service Orders module. To help choose Items that have not reached their Best Before date, you can have Best Before dates shown in the 'Paste Special' list opened from any Serial Number field. To do this, switch on the Show Best Before Dates option in the Item Settings setting in the Sales Ledger.

Paste Special    Item register
The Item Number of the Item should be entered here.

Batch/Serial No
Paste Special    Serial Numbers of Items in stock
Enter the Serial Number of the Item or batch of Items. Note that you should only use existing Serial Numbers: these should originate in the Goods Receipt or Production registers.

Width, Height, Depth
If the Batch Specification record was created from a Goods Receipt row with Width, Height and/or Depth specified on flip G, those dimensions will be copied here. Otherwise, enter the dimensions as appropriate. This will be useful in the case of Items bought and sold by area or volume (e.g. cloth or stone).

Sale Width, Sale Height, Sale Depth
These fields can be used in certain circumstances in Portugal. Please refer to your local HansaWorld representative for details.

Production Date
If appropriate, enter the date the item was made here.

Best Before
Default taken from    Goods Receipt
Enter the Best Before date here. It will be transferred to a Delivery record on selection of the Serial Number. If you want to prevent the sale of goods after their Best Before date, use the Batch Quality Control setting in the Service Orders module.

Any comments entered here can be shown on printed Invoices.