HTML Formatting

This page describes HTML formatting in Mails in Standard ERP.


The standard Mail window does not allow for any formatting (e.g. bold text, changing font size, coloured text, etc) or for in-line graphics. An external mail with HTML formatting will be received as plain text, with the HTML version attached in the Document Manager as an HTML file. To see the HTML formatting, open the Document Manager, highlight the HTML file (named "body.html") and choose 'Open Record' from the Operations menu (with 'cog' icon, Windows/Mac OS X) or Tools menu (with 'wrench' icon, iOS/Android). The HTML file will be opened as a new page in your default browser.

However, an alternative Mail window is available that does allow you to use full HTML formatting in the Mails that you write, and for such formatting to be fully visible in the Mails that you receive. If you want to be able to use the HTML Mail window, select the Use HTML Formatting in Mail option in the Mail and Conference Settings setting in the Email and Conferences module.

Additional options are available in the Mailbox properties window for each Mailbox. Use the Default Mail Format options on the 'Formatting' card to specify whether new Mails should be in plain text or HTML, and the Force Mail Format option to allow or prevent changing between the plain text and HTML formats.

If you want to use HTML formatting in a Mail, simply tick the HTML box towards the top of the Mail window. HTML tools will appear above the text area:

The following tools are provided:

Bold text

Italic text

Underlined text

Text with strike through

Unordered list (list with bullet points)

Ordered list (list with numbered points)

Left-justified text

Centred text

Right-justified text

Copy selected text (Ctrl-C/⌘-C)

Cut selected text (Ctrl-X/⌘-X)

Paste text (Ctrl-V/⌘-V)

Change text attributes (font, size, style, colour)

Text background colour (Windows only, on Mac OS X use the previous tool)

Outdented text

Indented text

Undo (Ctrl-X/⌘-X)

If you would like the HTML box to be ticked by default in every new Mail that you send, select "HTML" as the Default Mail Format in your Mailbox properties.

If you cannot tick the HTML box in a Mail, this will be because you are not using the Use HTML Formatting in Mail option in the Mail and Conference Settings setting, or because you have prevented the selection of the HTML box using the Force Mail Format option in the Mailbox properties.

If you are using HTML formatting, you can also use HTML Templates, to ensure that all your Mails have a similar appearance that conforms to your corporate identity. Please refer here for details.

Note that the text areas in non-HTML and HTML Mails are different fields. You can begin writing a Mail without the HTML box ticked, and then decide to tick the box. Your text will be copied to the HTML text area, where you can apply HTML formatting to it. Any text that you add from this point will not be copied back to the non-HTML text area. The HTML check box is effectively a switch: tick it to see the HTML text area and tools; remove the tick to see the non-HTML text area.


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