Saving a Mail as a Text File

You can save the text of a Mail as a text file. To do this, open the Mail and select 'Save Text as File' from the Operations menu (with 'cog' icon, Windows/Mac OS X) or Tools menu (with 'wrench' icon, iOS/Android). The usual 'Save File' dialogue appears, allowing you to name the file and place it on your hard disk. The Mail's Subject is used as the default file name (although any characters that might be illegal in some operating systems will be removed). If the Subject is too long, it will be truncated, and Standard ERP will beep. The Subject will also appear as the first line in the resulting text file.

Saving a Mail as a text file can be useful because:

  1. You want to keep a record of the Mail before it is removed by the 'Clean Up Mail Registers' Maintenance function.

  2. You want to read and update the Mail at leisure off-line. In this case, open the text file in a word processor and make the necessary amendments. Then, copy the text (omitting the first line which is the Subject of the Mail), return to the Mail in Standard ERP. Place the cursor in the Text field, choose 'Select All' from the Edit menu (Ctrl-A or ⌘-A) and then paste in the copied text.
The 'Save Text as File' option is not available on the Operations or Tools menu for Mails that use HTML Formatting. If you need to preserve an HTML Mail, open the Mail and then open the Document Manager, highlight the HTML file (named "body.html") and choose 'Download Record' from the Operations or Tools menu.


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