Sending Mail

This page describes sending internal mail in Standard ERP. Please refer here for details about sending external mail (email).


As you write a Mail, particularly if it is a long one, you might want to save it periodically for safety, but you might not want its recipients to see it while it is unfinished. To do this, write the mail and list the recipients, but do not tick the Sent box. You can close the Mail and return to it another day, and print it out for checking. It will retain the 'pencil' icon in your Mailbox, signifying that it has not yet been sent.

When you are satisfied that the Mail is finished, tick the Sent box and save it. It will immediately appear in the Mailboxes of its recipients. It will no longer be marked with the 'pencil' icon in your Mailbox, but it will be marked with the 'envelope' icon in all the recipients' Mailboxes, signifying that they have not yet read it.


Sending and Receiving Mail in Standard ERP:

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