Customer/Supplier Labels

This document, which can be found in the Sales Ledger and in the Sales Orders, Contracts and CRM modules, prints name and address labels to Contacts that have been marked as Customers and/or Suppliers. It can print labels for individual Contact Persons as well. It can print the Invoice Address from the 'Contact' card of the Contact record or the Delivery Address from the 'Delivery' card, depending on which fields you have included in your Form design. If you want to print labels to individual Contact Persons, use the Contact Labels document in the CRM module.

Paste Special    Customers, Suppliers and Contact Persons in Contact register
Range Reporting    Alpha
Enter the Customer, Supplier and Contact Person Number or range of Numbers for which you want the labels printed.

By default, the 'Paste Special' list shows Customers. Click the [Suppliers] button if you need to see Suppliers, and the [All Contacts] button if you need to see Customers, Suppliers and Contact Persons.

Paste Special    Customer Categories setting, Sales Ledger
Select a Customer Category. Labels will be printed for all Contacts in that Category.

Paste Special    Contact Classifications setting, CRM module
Select a Contact Classification. Labels will be printed for all Contacts in that Classification. If you enter a number of Classifications separated by commas, labels will only be printed for those Contacts featuring all the Classifications listed.

Sort Key
Range Reporting    Alpha
Enter a Sort Key. Labels will be printed for all Contacts with that Sort Key.

Start with Label No.
If you will be printing to a sheet of labels, some of which have already been used, specify here where on the sheet you wish to begin printing.

Paste Special    Countries setting, System module
To print labels for Contacts in a particular Country, enter that Country here.

Vertical Margin
If you want the labels to be printed with a non-standard vertical margin (vertical spacing between the labels), specify the margin that you want to be used here. The standard margins that will be used if you leave this field empty are:
Label FormatVertical Margin
2 x 8103
3 x 8103
1 x 11
2 x 4206

Note: entering a vertical margin that is significantly different to standard may result in the printing of fewer labels than expected.

Skip Customers with E-Mail Address
Check this box if you do not want to print labels for Contacts that have email addresses.

Skip Customers with Fax No.
Check this box if you do not want to print labels for Contacts that have fax numbers.

Include Closed Customers
Usually, labels will not be printed for Closed Contacts (Contacts whose Closed box on the 'Terms' card is checked). If you want to include such Contacts in your label printing run, check this box.

The labels can be sorted by Contact Number, Contact Name or Sort Key.

Choose which of the five standard label formats you would like to use.

Specify the Contacts for whom you want to print Labels, as follows:
One label will be printed for each record in the Contact register that matches the criteria specified above. In the case of Customers and Suppliers, the label will be addressed to the Primary Contact from the