Customer/Supplier Labels

This document, which can be found in the Sales Ledger and in the Sales Orders, Contracts and CRM modules, prints name and address labels to Contacts that have been marked as Customers and/or Suppliers. It can print labels for individual Contact Persons as well. It can print the Invoice Address from the 'Contact' card of the Contact record or the Delivery Address from the 'Delivery' card, depending on which fields you have included in your Form design. If you want to print labels to individual Contact Persons, use the Contact Labels document in the CRM module.

Paste Special    Customers, Suppliers and Contact Persons in Contact register
Range Reporting    Alpha
Enter the Customer, Supplier and Contact Person Number or range of Numbers for which you want the labels printed.

By default, the 'Paste Special' list shows Customers. Click the [Suppliers] button if you need to see Suppliers, and the [All Contacts] button if you need to see Customers, Suppliers and Contact Persons.

Paste Special    Customer Categories setting, Sales Ledger
Select a Customer Category. Labels will be printed for all Contacts in that Category.

Paste Special    Contact Classifications setting, CRM mo