Printing Forms

Each document that you can print consists of two elements, the "Form" and the "Form Template". The Form element extracts the relevant information from the database and places it in printable fields, while the Form Template is the graphic layout design of the printed output i.e. it controls where on the page each printable field will be placed (and it can contain other design elements such as lines and frames as well).

Once you have designed a Form Template, you should you should connect it to a form. This will ensure that the form will be printed using the correct layout. This will usually only be necessary if you have given your Form Template a new Form Template Code using the 'Properties' Operations menu function.

A file containing samples of each Form Template is supplied with Standard ERP. The name of this file will vary depending on your location: in UK versions of Standard ERP, the file will be named "UKForms.txt". If you want to use these samples as t