Page Setup

There are two ways to set the Page Setup for a particular document. Setting a Page Setup includes specifying the paper size, specifying the printer that will be used to print the document and specifying the tray in that printer that will be used. The two methods are:
  1. Open the list of forms from the Navigation Centre, highlight a form and select 'Page Setup' from the File menu.

  2. Open the Form Template register, highlight a Form Template and select 'Page Setup' from the File menu. This method cannot be used on Mac OS X machines.
If you use both methods, the second one will determine the page setup that will be used.

Note that when a particular user sets the page setup for a document, that page setup will not be universal. It will only be used when that user prints the document. Each user that will print a particular document should therefore set their own page setup for that document after having logged in using one of the two methods above. As well as being user-specific, a page setup is also platform-specific. So, if a user is likely to print a particular document on more than one platform (for ex