Item Group VAT

The Item Group VAT report is a simple list of Item Groups, providing summary sales figures for the report period for each one. For each Item Group, the report displays quantity of Items sold, total cost, GP%, total sales, total sales that are subject to VAT, total sales that are zero-rated or exempt from VAT, and total VAT.

Paste Special    Reporting Periods setting, System module
Enter the start and end date of the reporting period. Depending on which Include options below you choose, the statistics in the report will be compiled from Invoices, POS Invoices and Bar Tabs recorded during the period specified here.

Item Group
Paste Special    Item Group register, Sales Ledger
Range Reporting    Alpha
To restrict the report so that it only lists a particular Item Group, specify that Item Group here. You can also specify a range of Item Groups separated by a colon (:). Item Groups with no sales will not be listed in the report.

Paste Special    Item register
Range Reporting    Alpha
Use this field if you would like the statistics in the report to be compiled from the sales of a single Item, or of a range of Items.

Item Classification
Paste Special     Item Classifications setting, Sales Ledger
If you would like the statistics in the report to be compiled from the sales of Items with a particular Item Classification, specify that Item Classification here. If you enter a number of Classifications separated by commas, only those Items with all the Classifications listed will be included in the calculations.

Sales Only
Use this option if you would like cost information to be excluded from the report (i.e. the quantity sold, total cost and GP% columns will not be printed in the report).

Use these options to specify whether the sales statistics in the report should be calculated from Invoices, POS Invoices or Bar Tabs, or any combination.

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