N/L Transfer, Cash Invoices

This report lists POS Invoices entered in the specified period and lists the Account postings and Tag;/Object assignments that will result from them. Remember that POS Invoices will not be posted to the Nominal Ledger immediately but that this will be done when you enter a POS Balance record and mark that record as OK.

Paste Special    Reporting Periods setting, System module
Enter the report period. The report will list POS Invoices entered during this period. The first period listed in the Reporting Periods setting will be used as a default.

Use these options to specify the level of detail that will be shown in the report.
This version of the report summarises the amounts that will be posted to each Account/Object combination from the POS Invoices entered during the report period.

In addition to the information shown in the Overview, the Detailed version of the report also lists the POS Invoices that were entered during the report period.


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