Collections Analysis

The Collections Analysis report compares the takings in tills (made through sales) with the movements of cash and other monies into and out of the tills (registered using Cash Events). If there is no difference between the two figures, this signifies that all takings have been removed from the tills using Cash Out Cash Events so the tills should be empty.

The report contains two figures: a sales figure, which can include both Sales Ledger and POS Invoices, and a collections figure, calculated by subtracting Cash In Cash Events from Cash Out Cash Events. Write Off Cash Events are not included. Separate figures will be shown for each Payment Mode (payment method).

Paste Special    Reporting Periods setting, System module
Specify the period to be covered by the report. Sales Ledger and POS Invoices and Cash Events entered during the period specified here will be included in the calculations.

Pay. Mode
Paste Special    Payments Modes setting, Sales/Purchase Ledger
If you need to produce the report for a single Payment Mode (payment method), specify that Payment Mode here.

Local Machine
Paste Special    Local Machines setting, Point of Sales/Restaurant/Technics module
Range Reporting    Alpha
If you need to produce the report for a particular till, enter its Local Machine Code here. You can also enter a range of Local Machine Codes, separated by a colon (:).

Use these options to specify how the sales figures in the report will be calculated.
Sales Ledger Invoices with "Cash" Payment Terms and Invoices in which you have registered payment using the 'Add Cash Line' or 'Add Credit Card Line' Row menu functions will be included in the sales figures.

POS Invoices
POS Invoices will be included in the sales figures.

Use these options to specify the level of detail that is to be shown in the report.
This option provides an overall summary for each Payment Mode:

This option provides separate sections for each till or Local Machine:


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