Introduction to the Project Register

In Standard ERP, the term "Project" refers to an undertaking requiring the completion of a number of tasks. Completion of a Project will usually involve the supply of labour of various kinds as well as materials. Administration of a Project can involve budgeting and scheduling work, the recording of time and of the materials supplied, and invoicing. Invoices might be issued on an "Actual" basis (e.g. each hour worked will be invoiced) or on an "As Budgeted" basis (i.e. the Invoice will be for a fixed price agreed in advance). It might be necessary to issue Invoices for deposits, and fixed price Projects might be invoiced in instalments.

For example, a particular Project might be the installation of a multi-room entertainment system. In addition to the installation of the equipment and cabling, tasks required by this Project might include surveying the building, ascertaining the requirements of the Customer and possibly producing a report.

The Project register in Standard ERP:


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