Entering an Activity - Descriptions and Comments Cards

This page describes the 'Descriptions' and 'Comments' cards in the Activity record. Please follow the links below for descriptions of the other cards:

The 'Descriptions' and 'Comments' cards are alternatives to the 'Text' card that you can use to make notes about an Activity.

The 'Descriptions' and 'Comments' cards both operate in the same way. Compared to the 'Text' card, the advantage of using them is that the comments will be dated and signed automatically. The disadvantage is that information added on the 'Descriptions' or 'Comments' cards cannot be printed. The 'Descriptions' and 'Comments' cards will only be available if you are using Mac OS X.

Type the description or comment in the editing area towards the bottom of the window and then click the [Add Description] or [Comment] button to add it to the Activity. You must have saved the Activity at least once before you can add a description or comment.

You can edit descriptions and comments that you have added yourself, but not descriptions and comments that were added by other people. To edit a edit description or comment, double-click the first line of the description or comment (the line containing your name and the date and time when the description or comment was saved). The following window opens:

Edit the description or comment and click the [Save] button. The date and time of the description or comment will be updated. You may need to close the Activity and re-open to see the changes.

You can't remove a description or comment from an Activity, even one that you added yourself.


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