Entering an Activity - Alarm Card

This page describes the fields on the 'Alarm' card of the Activity record. Please follow the links below for descriptions of the other cards:

The 'Alarm' card of an Activity includes Alarm Type and Alarm options that you can use if you want to be sent a reminder to carry out the Activity. The reminder Alarm will usually be sent to every Person in the Persons field in the Activity. The exception is when the Activity has an Activity Type in which the Alarm for CC Persons option has been selected, in which case the reminder Alarm will be sent to every Person in the Cc field in the Activity.

You can also specify Alarm instructions in each Activity Type . When you specify an Activity Type in an Activity, the Alarm instructions will be copied from the Activity Type to the Activity. This will remove the need to specify the Alarm in each Activity individually.

Alarm Type
Choose the type of reminder Alarm that you want to receive:
No Alarm will be sent.

A message will appear on your screen, containing the Text of the Activity. Click (Windows/Mac OS X) or tap (iOS/Android) the [Open Activity] button to open the Activity.

If you are not logged in at the relevant time, you will be shown the message the next time you log in.

A Text (SMS) message will be sent to your mobile phone, containing the Text of the Activity. Your mobile number will be chosen as follows:

  1. It will be taken from your record in the Contact register. Your record in the Contact record is the one quoted in the Contact Code field in your Person record;

  2. If you do not have a record in the Contact register, or this record does not have a mobile phone number, it will be taken from the Phone 1 or Phone 2 fields (in that order) in your Person record.

To use this option, you must have specified a System Phone No. in the Internal System Alerts setting in the Business Alerts module. The System Phone No. will be the Sender of all Alarm Text (SMS) messages. If there is no System Phone No., Text (SMS) messages will not be sent.

If you have more than one Company in your database, the Contact and Person records must be in the same Company as the Activity. If this is not the case, Text (SMS) messages will again not be sent.

Sending Text (SMS) messages is a chargeable Cloud Service. To use it, you must have registered your database as described on the Enabler Key page. Please contact your local HansaWorld representative to sign up for the service and for pricing details.

You will be sent a Mail with the Activity attached (in the Mail's Workflow Manager).

To use this option, you must have your own Mailbox, and you must also have specified an email address in the System Email field in the Business Alerts setting in the Business Alerts module or a Mailbox in the From System field in the Mail and Conferences Settings setting in the Email and Conferences module. This email address or Mailbox will be the Sender of all Alarm Mails.

If you have more than one Company in your database, the System Email or From System Mailbox will be taken from the Company in which the Activity was saved. You should therefore be sure to configure the Business Alerts and/or Mail and Conferences Settings settings in each Company.
Use these options to specify when you want to receive the reminder Alarm. For example, to receive the Alarm two minutes before the Start Time of the Activity, choose the Minutes before option and enter "2" in the Units field.

Note that if your server is in a different time zone, the reminder Alarm will be sent at the Start Time according to the clock on the server. Use the Units field to compensate for the time difference.
When an Activity is shown in the Task Manager, it can be accompanied by a small image so that you can see at a glance the type of work that it entails. The available images are:



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