Creating a New Database - Modules, Users and Companies

The next task is to ensure that you have been granted access to the appropriate modules and that the correct numbers of users and Companies have been registered. If you no longer have the 'Settings' list on screen, open it using the Ctrl-S/⌘-S keyboard shortcut or by clicking the [Settings] button in the Navigation Centre once again. Select 'Configuration' by double-clicking. The 'Configuration: Inspect' window appears:

Ensure that the numbers of Total Users and Concurrent Enablers are correct. Enter the total number of users you have purchased (including both Named and Concurrent Users) in the Total Users field, and the number of Concurrent Users in the Concurrent Enablers field. If you have purchased Mailboxes for your Concurrent Users, enter the quantity purchased in the Extra Concurrent Mailboxes field. Do not include Mailboxes belonging to Named Users in this field.

If you need more than one Company, click the button marked 'Companies' towards the left-centre of the window. The fields in the lower part of the window will change:

Enter the correct number in the Multi-User Non-Consolidated Companies field. You should only change the number of Companies if your business is one where there are separate departments or subsidiary companies that keep separate accounts, as described on the Companies and Databases page. Each Company requires a separate licence, so do not enter a greater number than you have purchased. For details about adding Companies, please refer to the Changing and Adding Companies page.

In the remaining sections of the window (visible by clicking the six buttons marked 'Basic', 'Verticals', etc), select the modules that you require by clicking the check box next to each one so that a tick appears. Choose the options that describe your hardware most accurately in the Server Hardware and Server OS fields (in a single-user system, choose the options that apply to the machine on which you will be using Standard ERP). To choose an option, place the cursor in one of these fields and press the Ctrl-Enter (Windows) or ⌘-Enter (Mac OS X) key combination. A selection list will appear in which you can choose an option by double-clicking.

If your server is not in the same subnet as the clients, make sure you tick the Wide Area Network option on the 'Technical' card. To be in the same subnet, the first three sections of the IP addresses of the server and clients must be the same.

When the Configuration setting is complete, click the [Save] button.

If you intend applying for an Enabler Key using the 'Automatic Internet Enabler' method, you only need specify your Server Hardware and Server OS in the Configuration setting. All other information will be downloaded to this setting from the HansaWorld server together with the Enabler. However, before applying for an Enabler you should select the modules that you need so that you can carry out any necessary configuration work. If you will use one of the other methods to apply for an Enabler Key, you must make sure the Configuration setting is complete and correct before applying. Details about applying for an Enabler Key are here.


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