Bank Holidays

Use the Bank Holidays setting to specify which days of the week are working days and to list the public holidays during the year. This information will be used by the various scheduling functions in Standard ERP.

Usually you will only need a single record in this setting. The Country in this record should be the same as the Country in the Company Info setting.

To work with this setting, first ensure you are in the System module. Then, if you are using Windows or Mac OS X, click the [Settings] button in the Navigation Centre and then double-click 'Bank Holidays' in the 'Settings' list. If you are using iOS or Android, select 'Settings' from the Tools menu (with 'wrench' icon) and tap 'Bank Holidays' in the 'Settings' list. The 'Bank Holidays: Browse' window will open. This contains a list of the records already entered to this setting.

Double-click (Windows/Mac OS X) or tap (iOS/Android) on a line to open the edit window, or add a new record by selecting 'New' from the Create menu (Windows/Mac OS X) or the + menu (iOS/Android). When the record is complete, click the [Save] button (Windows/Mac OS X) or tap √ (iOS/Android) to save it, or use the close box (Windows/Mac OS X) or < (iOS/Android) to close it without saving changes.

Paste Special    Countries setting, System module

Enter any comment about the record, to be shown in the browse window.

Days of the Week
Tick the boxes of non-working days. For example, if you normally work Monday - Friday and not Saturday or Sunday, tick the boxes for Saturday and Sunday.
Use the matrix to list the public holidays when you will not work. Add new public holidays to the list for each new year.
Paste Special    Choose date
Enter the date of each public holiday.

Special Day
Paste Special    Special Days setting, System module
Enter the name of each public holiday.

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