Conversions - Master

This page describes the Conversions - Master setting in the System module.


The Conversions - Master setting in the System module allows you to change a particular piece of information in all records in the database. Usually you will use it together with a second setting where you will specify the information that will be changed. For example, if you need to change the Contact Number of a Contact, you will specify the old and new Contact Numbers in the Conversions - Contacts setting and tick the Convert Contacts option in the Conversions - Master setting. Then, create a text or timed back-up and import that back-up in to a new database. In the new database, the old Contact Number will have been replaced by the new one in the relevant Contact record and in all records related to the Contact (e.g. Sales and Purchase Invoices, Sales and Purchase Orders, Activities, stock transactions, etc).

The Conversions - Master setting contains the following options:

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