Conversions - Master, Conversions - Customers

The Conversions - Master and Conversions - Customers settings can be used in much the same manner as described on the Conversions - Master, Conversions - Activity Types page to change the Customer Number of a Customer record. For example, Customer Number "001" can be changed to "002", and all transactions such as Quotations, Orders, Invoices and Activities will be changed as well.

To do this, follow the numbered steps described on the Conversions - Master, Conversions - Activity Types page, using the Conversions - Customers setting in place of the Conversions - Activity Types setting and with the following differences:

  1. In step 5, the Conversions - Customers setting can be used to carry out a simple change of Customer Number as already described. It can also be used to add a prefix or suffix to existing Customer Numbers, as follows:

    +A"A" will be placed in front of all Customer Numbers
    -A"A" will be placed at the end of all Customer Numbers

    The prefix or suffix will be added to all Customer Numbers in the database.

  2. In step 6, check the Convert Customers box instead of the Convert Activities box.

  3. The routine will convert all occurrences of the old Customer Number to the new one (in the Customer register and in the transaction registers).

    If the new Customer Number (002 in the example) existed as a record in the Customer register in the old database, the record with the old Customer Number (001) will be deleted. In this circumstance, the Customer Number in transaction registers such as Orders and Invoices will be changed from 001 to 002, but the Customer Name in those records will not be changed to that of the new Customer. If the new Customer did not exist in the old database, the old Customer will have its Number changed from the old one (001) to the new one (002).